Why does this female pagan goddess still stand in Santa Fe NM USA?

by Gabriel ()

True God in the name of the true Jesus Christ, we have a question to ask you. Why have NOT THE SELF PROCLAIMED POLITICALLY and MORALY CORRECT PEOPLE OF AMERICA NOT THROWN DOWN and gotten rid of permanently THE OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE STATUE MADE OF BRONZE here in Santa Fe NM USA that stands right next to the OLD Guadalupe church which is right next to the new Our Lady of Guadlupe Church by those people? Why is this lady who is worshipped more than you true GOD still standing?

Could it be the ONE PAGAN GOD that both the Catholics and Indians worship that calls itself the Virgin Mary? The Indians were tricked by their Pagan Goddess the Virgin into NOT KILLING all the invadeing Spaniards, and the Virgin Mary keeps the catholics from WORSHIPPING and FOCUSING on only the true GOD, and instead have them worshipping HER/IT to their own destructions. The Indians destroyed by their pagan goddess, and the catholics destroyed by their pagan goddess. The pagan GODDESS in both instances is a FEMALE! What a GOOD LAUGH!

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