Why did God Make The World?

by A C (Usa)

Why did God make the earth so round, and the sky so blue? Why did God make the grasses green and the sea so wide? Why did God make the mountains tall and the valleys deep? Why did God make the sun to set and the sun to rise? Why did God make the birds to sing and the flowers to bloom? Why did God make the snow to fall and the showers in spring? Why did God give us food to eat and homes to build?

Don’t we know, don’t we know? Listen, listen, look, look, don’t you see, don’t you see? God made these things for us. He made these things because He loves us so much.

We have to look past all the evils in this world, the things that came from man, the guns the pollution. God is a God of perfection, not a God for war. God loves peace . God loves beauty. But sin is sickness to the Lord.

Sin is every evil against God’s way. Look for God’s beauty , while it can still be found, for we know the devil is lurking around, seeking all he is causing to fall

Call on the name of Jesus, the one to save. He will help us in our need. Jesus loves us even so , still today. Yes Jesus loves us. We just need to be shown His way. Call on Jesus every day, He is the door, He is the Way, He has the Light.

He is the Truth. He will never leave us nor forsake us. He will help us every day. because He loves us so.

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