Where does Jesus want me

by sharon ()

I prayed about my office mistreating me and wanting to leave. It got to the point I was feeling bad about myself for past 6 months. I had been in a management position pryor for 15 yrs for a doctor who appreciated me and the job I did for him. He retired and I semi retired at 62. I felt I was in the right place because I had to be humble and take directions and have been working on being a kinder more empathetic person. My patients loved me but office of 2 women and woman dr picked on me,made me feel my opinions didn’t count. When I complained and the Dr said I was a picked on because they liked me. This went on for two and a half yrs and I began to feel I wasn’t good enough, they all would stop talking when I walked up, never included me in conversations, ect. I worked hard and stayed busy while the other two played on their cell phones a whole lot. I prayed coming home from work and Jesus put on my heart I was better than what I was getting, I had been faithful in working on becoming a better person with more empathy and love towards others, I was his child and he would take care of me and put me where I needed to be.The next day I was fired for not taking on more responsibility at learning someone else’s job. I was so hurt but knew it was Jesus answering my prayers. Be careful for what you pray for because he answers prayers his way, not quite what I was hoping for; never the less Jesus knew I wouldn’t have quit. So now I sit here wondering what direction to go in and desperately need a part time job for supplement income. I know he answers my prayers and am in awe seeing my prayers answered. Please pray I find a job that I can show love and be loved. I need 2 to 3 days a week with at least $15.00 hour. I worked for Optometrist for past 17 yrs and not opposed to working in another field. Pryor to that I worked in retail for and management for 20 yrs. Jesus please put me where you need me, where I can best serve your word. Please pray for me…

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