Where do I begin?

Dear St. Jude,

I am a young teacher struggling to make ends meet in London. My beautiful mother back in Ireland cannot help me as she has her own finances to cover. Several years ago my parents separated, I was a student at the time and my father cut me off. As a result I needed to take out a hefty loan to finish off my undergraduate and carry out my postgraduate. I worked throughout my degrees and have continued working ever since to pay off my loan. However, last year I made a mistake by taking a job in London as teaching jobs in Ireland were thin on the ground.

After paying rent, bills, travel and living expenses I am left with barely a penny. We had a family wedding during the Summer and I missed loan repayments as I couldn’t afford them. I can usually think my way out of problems but I am genuinely worried this time. The bank loans are mounting up and any way I look at it I cannot afford to make it through the next few months. I pray that I can afford to apply to teach in Ireland as I miss it beyond words. I pray that I can afford to go to the interviews and I pray I get a good job near my home so I can move back there and pay off my loan once and for all.

At the moment I’ve never worked so hard to be left with so little. I am so burdened with financial worry that everyday conversations with children and staff feel difficult as I try to portray a happy, jolly exterior. I have no one close to talk to in London and the pressure and loneliness are making me so sad.

So please St. Jude help me go home soon and help me to be able to live within my means. I usually pray to St Martha but this time I believe it is a hopeless case and I need your help.

Thank you!

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