When you have lost everything in your life that you loved

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I feel overwhelmed I have lost everything in my life that I cared and loved about my life, mother, kids , husband, home, my right eye , job, and everything that the home contained memories keepsakes material things and was even put out on the streets in the cold by myself in a car by a man that forced me to sell all my inheritance from my mother that was paid for by lying and stealing it from me. My mother had said that she didn’t want me to have to struggle like she did to raise her children and keep them in good schools and my job after they are grown was to give it to her grandchildren and I feel so ashamed and guilty that I didn’t get to grant her that dying wish and I hardly can talk about it because my anxiety gets so out of control that I have severe panic attacks and hyperventilate and can barely control my feelings anymore and I have been living in my car for over 4years and can’t get my disability or Medicaid benefits or anything like I don’t exist anymore I have dropped off the face of the earth is what I was told my children said to their adoptive parents. I dont know what to do with my life anymore.. where do I go from here.. my heart aches so bad for my babies that have been gone for 7 years now my daughter (Emelia) is 16 years old and my baby is only 10 years old (River). Please pray for them as well… Thank you and God bless you all

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