When you are healing others Lord, Heal me too.

by Albertina Shiilamo (Namibia)

My Lord! You know the pain that I am enduring. You know how thirsty I am to receive your healing. Have mercy over me Lord. Heal me when it’s your time.

Include me in the group of those that you are healing today. For I know that in you there is a healing. There is a healing in the name of your begotten son Jesus Christ.

Touch my wounds and wash them away with your Holly Blood my God. Renew my skin and let it be the same as it was before. Forgive me all my sins. Show me your will.

Pour your Holly Spirit in my heart.
Thank you Jesus for your love, thank you for your peace. Let me rejoice in you and testify the works of your hands.

Lay your hand upon my sores. I prayed and requested in the might name of the Lord Jesus Christ, whose death has led to my healing and above all, to my salvation.

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