When trouble consumes you

by Louie J (Sydney)

Dear Lord
Through Jesus my savior I know that all things are possible and miracles await me. Please lord, help me now, your loyal servant, in Jesus’ name.
I am surrounded by trouble and problems too great to overcome without your guidance and protection. I am lost at sea and the waves are fierce crashing onto me and the storm clouds above are black and angry and show no sign of relenting.

I cling to you oh lord for my faith in you is my boat and it is all that sustains me in this treacherous ocean. Save me oh lord as you have done before many times, guide me now and give me strength and warmth for I feel cold and ill. I love you oh lord, I thank you, I praise you, I believe in only you. Guide my boat to shore and light the way with your love, keep me safe from harm and rescue me from this sadness in Jesus’ name, Amen.