When the chapters of family change

(Las Vegas )

Guilt and torment have been a plague for me many years from a young age. Very soon I will be moving and thus ending the season of my provision for my mother and two siblings. I will be taking my younger brother with me and aiming to gain custody of him. My mom has not worked in quite sometime and I pray for that to improve and the strength and faith that the Lord my Lord will have her in His loving hands. I have not told my mom of the changes to comes and I am very nervous and afraid of how she will take my news. It is not meant to be hurtful or abandoning, but it is time for her to stand on her own feet and time for me to live my life. I love my family very much I want the best for them. You don’t work you don’t eat, hard but true facts of life. The longer I continue to be taken advantage of the deeper I sink into depression and hopelessness with nights and days of turmoil. I believe my Holy Father has more in store for me and my family. I am praying to stay close to Him remaining faithful trusting and thankful for all His provisions.

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