~When I went on a YouTube Iive chat there was evidence my stalkers were watching.~

by Darla ()

I went on a YouTube live chat on a channel I’m subscribed to in the early hours of this morning and as soon as I looked at the comments it said “Bicho” which is Portugese for “Bitch.” They chat in Portugese,and I had this guy turning up a lot before making comments like he could see me half naked through some webcam! I don’t use a Webcam I mean he hacked my phone somehow and could see me! via the Internet connection a
and theYouTube live channel. ~ that was before but what really disturbed me was the word D A N I E L spelt out in the live chat after I joined it because that’s the name of 1 of my main stalkers in the physical world, he’s the boyfriend of the woman who bullied me out of my tenancy and then an emoji appeared with it’s mouth zipped shut in the YouTube live chat in reply to the other person typing
D A N I E L. This name could be a keyword for the group of people joining together to stalk me. I currently live in temporary homeless accommodation – I then switched my phone off and heard some voices say “Why did she switch it off?” as they went down the stairs past my room here in this homeless place. ~ It seems there are eyes and ears everywhere watching me Lord! Please help me so that I am so quiet in what I say and do my stalkers will no longer be able to keep tabs on me.Amen.

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