What I Still Hope For, Oh Lord

Dear Lord, I know there are some prayers you do not answer because it is your will. But, there are others you do and that is a blessing. You know for quite sometime I have been praying that two find better offers elsewhere and they seem to be quite content where they are now.

My situation will change very very little as long as that is until the day I retire. They have it made and they will find no other place that allows them the clout and favor they recieve now. I have lost respect because of what someone else has said that is NOT true and they choose to believe it. Therefore, it has made it harder for me over the past four or so years. I will continue in prayer in hopes for a miracle that a shift will be granted. Otherwise, I do not expect any improvements in the future. I will honor your decision to allow these people to continue who they are here and count my days until retirement. It will soon be here and I can leave all this behind me, Lord.

I have always treated others with respect and kindness only to find very little of it in return. That is something I have to learn to accept and move on. I trust you are with me through all this and help me to try to undertand all this. For I pray this in you holy name. AMEN

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