What GOOD is prayer?

by Gabriel ()

True Heavenly Father in the true Jesus Christs name, by His Faith, power, and by His Authority He gives us in his name, I the true Gabriel G. state this after being serially brainwashed and telepathically terrorised by the Virgin Mary and CLAN. So much for this WAR being won 2000 years ago by the SUPPOSED TRUE Jesus Christ. Instead of it being won and peace and happyness and joy comming to all humanity IMMEDIATELY like when wars are immediately won for ever. Jesus ran back up to heaven and HID like a COWARD because the true truth is that SATAN KICKED the true JESUS CHRISTS ASS and FOREVER WON THE REAL WAR, so that Satan and his are in FULL Charge of the earth right now for the rest of eternity. The Virgin Mary and Clan CHALLENGE the true JESUS CHRIST to come back and to try to win the war he lost 2000 years ago, so that Satan can KICK the TRUE Jesus Christs ass again so he can run back to DADDY a big crybaby that he is forever. Thank You true Holy Trinity. AMen.

5/22/21 4:33 pm

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