What God has brought together….

by Shane (Kansas)

I ask you to pray for strength for me as head of my household and my wife plus 4 children. My wife and I lost our
2 1/2 year old son Elijah to a heart condition. Soon after Elijah’s passing,my wife abused prescription drugs and became unfaithful to me.
This resulted in two children which are not biologically mine but it makes no difference as I live them more than life.
They do not and will never know about the past. I did not know definitively what she had done until 3 years after the children were born. I am not blameless, I was not emotionally there for her after our sons passing. We grieved separately and differently as I worked nights. I have always been faithful, always.
Please pray for strength, wisdom and understanding as well as unity and anything else God leads you to pray for.

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