What do I need to do?

by Amanda ()

Our heavenly father who is in heaven, please know my heart. You do know my heart I ask you today Lord Yeshua that you send your holy spirit to minister to me and be with me and be my words and to pray for me. You know what I need, you know what I need to do and you know what I need to say to do all these things and be your servant. I am weak and easily discouraged and disheartened. Give me strength courage to do all things according to your will and your calling. Guide me into the direction I need to be and go and open my ears our most Gracious and merciful giving of hope Father in heaven to ear your still small voice within me that tugs at my heart. Let me hear your spirit feel your spirit and be one with your spirit. That is what I need the most. I want to do the right things Lord and sometimes the right things are very difficult to do. Help me with Kasey Lord. I don’t know what to do about this situation, but you do and I need your help and guidance doing it. Send a peace and calm over me a joyful spirit the Godbumps when I am on the he right path because I have a stronghold over me a mindset that what I’m doing is wrong or what I’m doing isn’t good enough or right. Please Lord show me in spirit always that what I’m doing or saying is right so this mindset can be deminished because it is certainly holding me back. I want to be bold in my walk Lord and I want to know that my boldness is of truth and not self fulfilment or any other fleshly attainment. Please help me today and everyday Lord to do what is right according to your word and your will. I need you more than anything else in this world. In your gracious and precious name Yeshua I pray Amen.

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