Please bring him back

Dear God, You know the hole I have in my heart right now. The pain is just excruciating. I can’t go through this yet again. Please help him to realize that he can love me. Please help him to realize he is making a mistake in letting me go. I am a good woman. Some … Continue reading “Please bring him back”

I just want my life back

Dear Lord, I am having a really hard time dealing with really bad depression and anxiety… Depression worse though. I have no life now. I’m having a hard time meeting friends or anything. I stay in my house just about ALL the time. I have no friends or love life. I just pray that great … Continue reading “I just want my life back”

Prayer to Overcome Debt

Dear God ,please forgive all our sins and shower your blessings on us.Let the hard time of our life ends and help us to repay our debts and run the family smoothly.O Almighty please be merciful on us and end our struggles. Always be with us and guide us throughout life.please help us to overcome … Continue reading “Prayer to Overcome Debt”

Healing for my Daughter’s Dengue Fever

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I know that i am a sinful person please forgive all my sin’s i been committed everyday since i was born. I beg your mercy for my daughter’s healing from her dengue fever. Though your name our savior, Amen.

Heal me, Oh Lord

Dear God, Almighty Father, I know you’re the best doctor, the best healer and the best physician of all. Please heal my swelling node at my neck. I am already worried and bothered since last week. I felt depressed, weakened and had sleepless nights because of fear. I am entrusting to you my fears, illnesses … Continue reading “Heal me, Oh Lord”

A gainful employment

Dear Lord, please help me get a job. I’m at a loss without an income. I’ve been thru many interviews but I never seem to get a call back from the employer for an employment oppurtinity. I’ve been out of job since October 2013. I’m in an urgent need of a job to support my … Continue reading “A gainful employment”

Prayer for housing

Holy Father, please listen to my heart and help me to keep a roof over our heads. We have tried so hard to do for others and wish only for the necessities of life, shelter, food and Your guidance in life. We wish to serve others through you as we have always done. Please help … Continue reading “Prayer for housing”

Restore,Revive and Recover my married and my marriage back life and my husband be healed and delivery and set fee mind,body and spirit.

Lord please my family’s and set free us from bondage,flesh and renewal minds and restore marriage and houses and husband and wife back together again it tied but right in Jesus Name Amen. Thank You. Praise The Lord. God did that thing Anthony&Roberta and 5 kids too. Restore,Love,Joy and peace and happy on earth and … Continue reading “Restore,Revive and Recover my married and my marriage back life and my husband be healed and delivery and set fee mind,body and spirit.”

To be healed from cancer

Lord God, please wash away the cancer from my husband with your precious blood. Take away his pain from all over his body and help him breath normally. Give strength to his lungs and hold it up for him. Remove the pain from his ribs and heal him from his this sickness. Heal him, Lord. … Continue reading “To be healed from cancer”

For our lovely daughter

Please help our daughter to love herself and have the courage to live her life with joy and compassion. Help her to discover the joy of learning and bless her with optimism about her future. Help her to pray and open the doors of her mind to the possibilities that are around her. Help her … Continue reading “For our lovely daughter”

Peace in my heart

I pray that I can gain peace in my life to remove anxiety from my daily routine. Peace in my relationship and peace in my home and that my signifacant other let go of anger and gain peace And clarity. I pray that I would want to live a life without others anxiety. I pray … Continue reading “Peace in my heart”

For my son

Dear Lord of Mercy and Father of Comfort, You are the One I turn to for help in moments of weakness and times of need. I ask you to be with your servant in this illness. Psalm 107:20 says that you send out your Word and heal. So then, please send your healing Word to … Continue reading “For my son”

Prayer for a Sick Child

I pray for my friends daughter who has been diagnosed with a rare heart condition and is very sick in hospital. Dear loving God, please heal this child’s heart and help her to return to the happy, smiley health baby that she was only weeks ago. Please fill her family’s hearts with hope and love … Continue reading “Prayer for a Sick Child”

Rent our Son’s Condo

Please St. Joseph hear my prayer in Jesus’s name- we need your help to rent my son’s condo now so that he will not lose anymore money by having it vacant. He works very hard & is a good person in all that does-he needs to keep this place to move back to, so please … Continue reading “Rent our Son’s Condo”

Miracle prayer

Father God in Heaven I prayer for your miracle as I have been suspended from work awaiting hearing Father. I pray for a miracle Alford in my situation for I know all things are possible with you Jesus. Father be with me at this difficult time guid me and protect my actions. Let it be … Continue reading “Miracle prayer”

Marriage restoration

God I pray that you continue to unharden his heart, protect him from further adultery, renew his love for me and bring him home to be with me and our children. I pray against anything or anybody that comes against our marriages! God there are no marriages that you cannot restore. Please restore my marriage … Continue reading “Marriage restoration”

Prayer for Employment

Lord, I come to you with thanksgiving for the many blessings that have been bestowed up on me. Also, I want to thank you in advance for the job with CPS. I speak it into existence. I claim the blessing Lord. 2015 will be my year for grace and favor.I will not allow my past … Continue reading “Prayer for Employment”

Prayer to sell our home

Dear St. Joseph, As many before me have prayed to you asking assistance in selling their homes…I have joined them. I pray to you that you send the right family here who will see the positives of this home. I believe that with your help it will get sold before the summer is over. I … Continue reading “Prayer to sell our home”