one long year

Dear St. Joseph. I pray to you to grant me this blessing of the sale of my home. It has been a long yr with no offers but lots of potential Buyers. My family is growing in size and space is needed. I am greatful for all the financial blessing that I have had this … Continue reading “one long year”


I ask for prayers for my marriage, I have not been a good wife and my husband told me he no longer loves me and loves another woman. I have asked him to stay so we can work it out. He is staying for our children’s sake and I will accept that in order to … Continue reading “Reconciliation”

My son

Please Lord watch over my son help him with his addiction. Please give him a bright future. Lord watch over my husband and my marriage. Help my husband with his addiction. Let us have a bright future together. Lord I struggle with low self esteem please help me get my own life turned around so … Continue reading “My son”

Financial Solutions

Almighty God, please guide me what to do on my financial problems. It really bothers me a lot and I am afraid something worst will happen to me and my mother if this will not be solve. I am begging you oh Lord, please help me, guide me and show me the right things to … Continue reading “Financial Solutions”

God Heals

Lord and Father, I praise you. I know you are at our side always. Bless Raphal, bring a miracle into his life so that he understands your purpose for him and he can accept you and all your goodness. Give him courage and belief that he can and will overcome all the challenges he faces. … Continue reading “God Heals”

Lord hear my cries

Please lord let my life’s love give us another chance. Let her mind and heart be open and let her be willing to see that I truly love and care for her. Please God give me a sign that all is not lost. Let her speak with me so that we may rekindle. Fill her … Continue reading “Lord hear my cries”

Reunite Us

Oh God…Please bring back my love to me. Make him realize that he still loves me and that my love for him is pure and I will always be there for him. Give him strength and patience to fight for our love and bless us and our parents so that they can understand our love … Continue reading “Reunite Us”

Peace & Hope!

Father God, I pray and ask of you to help heal my husband and I from our brokenness and despair with anxiety and depression. Help us to lean on one another making us stronger than ever in our marriage. Please forgive me of my sins and allow the joy, light, love, & passion for life … Continue reading “Peace & Hope!”

Lost love

My boyfriend has told me he does not love me anymore. He has seen a lot of ugly in me, fears, insecurities, disrespect and I have seen ugly in him, disrespect, rage, deceit. I feel in my heart that we are two lost souls who have experienced heartache and many disappointments in life and need … Continue reading “Lost love”

Need money now

Please pray for me Father you know who I am and I ask that you answer me today I need $5000.00 thousand dollars do pay off my debt now. Please answer me today in the name of your son Jesus Christ, let your powers help me, show me you are listening. For I have no … Continue reading “Need money now”

Healing prayer for triple bypass

Please pray for Mr Calderon who has had a real bad heart attack. Please help me pray that he heals and gets stronger . He needs a triple bypass. Thank you.

pharmacist job in okc

please pray for me that I can get a pharmacist job in Oklahoma city,ok. I love doing my work and am having a hard time finding a retail pharmacist job.thank you for your prayers-k

My dear friend Eileen

Dear Lord please i ask that my dear friend Eileen gets better,she had a stroke and is still in the hospital!!Lord please heal my friend!!Thank You Lord!!

The Criminals

I pray for all the criminals that they all get incarcerated a long time, so perhaps it’ll make a difference! ! All criminals should pay the price for their SINS! (NOT the VICTIMS )

Home loan approval

Father I pray in the name of Lord Jesus Christ that the loan I am about to request get approved and we get 100%of it I know that you’ll grant me this blessing amen

A Prayer for Little Kids

God is great. God is good. Thank you for everything. Please keep us all safe. Amen. Cha Cha Cha!

Lord, I pray for continued good health, peace and prosperity for me, my family and friends

Dear Lord, I am thankful and grateful for all your blessings. Dear Lord, I pray for continued good health, peace and prosperity for me, my family and friends. Lord, I pray for continued help with my anxiety and insomnia. Lord, I pray that you guide me to become a better servant to you. Lord, I … Continue reading “Lord, I pray for continued good health, peace and prosperity for me, my family and friends”

God I thank you for your Healing Power upon my life

God I thank you for your Healing Power upon my life. You have shown me your wondrous Mercy and you have indeed shut all the evil plot of the wicked ones. I’m indeed Greatful to you for the things you have Done. Receive all the Glory Oh Lord

Father help my family we are struggling financially

Father please renew our faith. Help us to seek you in time of need. Please remove the block that is holding us back. Make a clear path for us and most of all make never forget you dear Lord. For this I ask in your name Amen

I have once again been diagnosed with breast cancer

I ask the heavenly father for his healing power as I have once again been diagnosed with breast cancer. The despair I feel is a heavy burden and I fear the future looking forward. I ask that the Almighty Father heal me of this affliction and that he may restore me to good health.

For my girl child she is not reading bible nor pray

she is not reading bible nor pray thought being raised up in a good christian atmospher . This worries mw a lot more always great fighting between her father due to misunderstanding. this has been a great pain in my heart for a long time . she is now 19. Esther Immanuel

I want my son to free from his pain in his left leg

I want my son to free from his pain in his left leg he has been suffering for two hears now. Please say a prayer for him that he can finally be pain free I put all my trust in Lord but I am getting tired. Thank You His Mom

deliverance from crack for my husband

Heavenly father touch david today. Help him to seek your face and make you lord of his life. Help him to not lie, steal and be unfaithful. Help him to love you with all his heart

Lord , Help me believe who you are

Lord , Help me believe who are you, I know that,You are the one whom I trust,You who helped me,who served me,But I havent showed you anything,make me believe that you are always by my side.Guide me from every harm. AMEN.

Prayer for father to be healed

My father is in the hospital theyre saying he might have cancer his lungs bladder please prayer for a complete healing recovery from the biopsys and on October 23 rd he is going again for a bladder biopsy please he is my dad I need my dad please pray for him to be healed amen

Facing shame and homelessness

I am facing been abandon and facing homelessness. I have no money. No family support. I want to keep my homenwhich will be repossess if I don’t come up with the money. Thousand of pounds. Please help me to help myself and vulnerable others. Afraid.

Jesus Increase my Faith

Lord Jesus, make me a valuable witness of my Faith in you, so that the people around me should experience How Great Thou art! And bless us Lord that we may serve thee in the poor and the needy – amen.