Financial support

Dear lord ,forgive us for misusing our monies of a small business my husband and i has started for years ago.we have been under the burden of financial debts .it has been affecting my family mentally ,phisycally and emotionally.lord I call on you so you may bless us to release us from this burden.lord we … Continue reading “Financial support”

Prayer to find a job

Dear Lord, please help me find a new job as soon as possible. A place where I’ll be able to share my talent and inspire others. Guide me towards a place where sharing, cooperation and open-mindedness prevails. Let it be a place where my love ones will feel safe and loved. Help me in my … Continue reading “Prayer to find a job”

Praying For Health

St. Jude I come in desperate need of prayer. I pray for good health. I pray that I be delivered from disease and sicknesses. I pray to not be sick and to please not die. I pray for a miracle and for healing. St. Jude I come to you afraid, in despair and with a … Continue reading “Praying For Health”

broken marriage

please help me. My husband of almost 30 years has told me he is not in love with me anymore and left me and our 16 year old daughter. I know he knows the Lord. PLEASE pray the Steve gets direction for God and a miracle happens and our family and union stays as one. … Continue reading “broken marriage”

Peace for my family

Lord, I pray for peace, health, happiness and long lives for my family and myself. Bless my sons and give them healthy children. Bless my mother and father, my brother and niece. Bless me lord. I pray you heal my heart from any blockage. And fix my foot. My left foot. Allow me to lose … Continue reading “Peace for my family”

Financial burden

O Saint Jude, I have prayed to you so often, and you have never let me down, I come to thee again today and ask that you take the financial burden from my shoulders as I struggled in mind and body for your help, I will be greatful of your answer and pray as I … Continue reading “Financial burden”

Past Hurt and Pain

I ask for your prayer for my husband and I. We are both hurting from pain caused by one anothers words and actions. My husband has went so far as to be with and confide in another woman. We both have tried and tried but now I feel like giving up because I’m tried of … Continue reading “Past Hurt and Pain”

Lord help me

Heavenly Father, I need strength, courage and wisdom. It’s super tough loving an alcoholic, especially when they are doing it behind your back and lying about it. Lord I trust that you’re leading my path and I pray that you give me the wisdom to make the right decision, the courage to go forward with … Continue reading “Lord help me”

Prayer for help in illness

St. Jude, please intercede for me with almighty God. I have recently learned that I have a very low white blood cell count and am to see a specialist next week for further diagnosis. I’m terrified and have nowhere else to turn. I pray for a benign reason for this development and that it is … Continue reading “Prayer for help in illness”

Restore my Marriage

Dear Lord, please restore my marriage. Help my husband to end his emotional affair. Please allow him to return to me in body, spirit, and mind. Please help him to find the love he once had for me. Please open his heart to me once again. We have lived a lifetime together and I do … Continue reading “Restore my Marriage”

save our marriage

Dear God please hear my prayers and heal my broken marriage. Life has been difficult for both of us and we have struggled I would love to start again and remove any past issues that have separated us. Let’s us be able to reunite and find beautiful love and strength like never before. Please bring … Continue reading “save our marriage”

New Year Prayer

lord our heavenly father help us to work hard in this new year so it may pass with joy and happiness . be with us in all the difficulties we may face in our life . show us the right path of honesty and wisdom . forgive us lord if we have done any mistake … Continue reading “New Year Prayer”

Praying To Conceive

My only child is almost six years old and my husband and I have been wanting to have another child for a year now, but no luck. Our son has been asking for a baby brother/sister also! I’ve been praying that if it is in God’s will for us to have another child, I ask … Continue reading “Praying To Conceive”

Selling of house

Dear God, Please hep us sell our home. Time is of the essence. We keep losing out to new construction. We lower the price and I prayed to you every day. Please God give me the strength to go on with this and believe that this will happen when you wanted to. You need your … Continue reading “Selling of house”

Prayer to sell home

Dear Lord please help our family to sell our home so that we don’t have to carry two mortgages. I pray that you can find the right buyer who is eager to love our home as we do and to make the sale of our home a quick and smooth transition. Please help our family … Continue reading “Prayer to sell home”

Sale of home

I pray to St. Joseph that we sell our home for a price that we want and is fair and that the buyers be happy in this home. Also, that we find a nice home in the location where we next want to live and that we be happy living in that home and that … Continue reading “Sale of home”

God’s Healing Grace

(MN) Dear Lord, I am not afraid to leave this life and join you in heaven. But Dear Lord, I would like more time with my husband of 39 years and my daughters and granddaughters, they still need me. Please Dear Lord. Let my cancer not be a stage 4. I will endure the treatments, … Continue reading “God’s Healing Grace”

Prayer to find employment

To get a suitable job according to my qualification and i should be able to sustain and work well there. I have been working in many organizations where my manager really does not provide me proper guidance at workplace and always insults me continuously. I am not able to stick to any job for even … Continue reading “Prayer to find employment”

My love

Lord, My divorce will be final in 2 months. I am praying for the biggest miracle of my life and I know your will is different than mine. I didn’t want this marriage to end and I firmly believe you are the only One who can that can change this decision. I love her Father. … Continue reading “My love”

Need of help

Dear god. Forgive me for all my sins I have made many mistakes I ask that we can get out of the money troubles my husband and I are in we have so many bills and it’s so stressing we just need enough to get out of debt and live a normal life I would … Continue reading “Need of help”

Need you prayer

Dear God, I am so sorry for everything, it’s just that I’m confused, don’t know what to do? I love this family, you know what am I going through this moment. Please I’m praying for miracle, lead me Lord please . I give thanks for all the blessings, but I want you to bless my … Continue reading “Need you prayer”


I am so depressed i moved into my home a few years ago and my neighbours next door seemed nice and friendly but they have turned and seemed to be getting worse and causing me heartache. I feel like I can’t even have people over to visit as the make so much noise and the … Continue reading “Depression”

Help me

Im living on a fixed disability income from heart trouble. cant pay the bills. gets worse every month. i used to be a good worker dedicated and good attendance. pray for me that the merciful Lord will help me be able to pay off my car so i can save a little each month. as … Continue reading “Help me”

Prayer for troubled son

My son is 16 and he is not motivated to do anything in school or even about his education i have tryed every thing that i can think of to do. Several meetings with his counselor’s at school but yet still nothing . I need help to get him motivated and inspired about his life … Continue reading “Prayer for troubled son”

Financial Blessing

As I pray for all of those in need of a financial blessing, I ask for prayers for myself and my family. As many of us, we are also struggling financially. My husband is disabled and unable to work. Although we are very blessed in many ways we struggle to keep up with our finances. … Continue reading “Financial Blessing”

Prayer for st. Jude

(Philippines) Pray for me st. Jude. And forgive me for all I’ve have sin. I’m looking for a job for abroad for so many times … I’m not giving up to find but now the I have one then my medical was pending because of the result of repeating hep b. please st. Jude help … Continue reading “Prayer for st. Jude”

A prayer for my family

Sovereign Lord Jehovah i pray for my family for good health my mother my sisters nephews & nieces i beg you Lord remove if there is any cancerous cells in our body so we can continue praise you & help each other we are sory for our sins your forgiveness are healing to us.we cannot … Continue reading “A prayer for my family” sell our house

St. Joseph we are in need of your assistance to sell our home. We have tried several times to sell but always ended with placing a tenant. Unfortunately tenants do not take care of the place they live as their own. I reach out to you for your help. I pray that a lovely family … Continue reading “ sell our house”


heloo this is jennifer.. i am suffering from gastritis and it seems to be quite severe and discomfortable these days…will be going for a check up after two days…i know God is able to heal and He is the greatest physician and by His stripes i am healed…but kindly do intercede for me as i … Continue reading “healing”

Job security

My husband left a good job to go with a new company. Promises of good salary and opportunities have not panned out. The corporate head is bi-polar and explosive. I pray that things will work out and that my husband will be able to endure and be successful despite the challenges. I keep telling myself … Continue reading “Job security”

Marriage Restoration

Please pray that if it be our Lord’s will our Lord would bring my ex-husband home both to Him and to his family. Pray that the OW would return to her family. Pray that my son would also put his anger aside and come back to his Faith. I pray that the Holy Spirit would … Continue reading “Marriage Restoration”

Releasing my anxiety

I struggle with social anxiety and have difficulty spending time with people outside of my comfort zone – even if I really do want to share my life with others I hold myself back. It’s a debilitating physical reaction that I have been able to keep under control for a few years but I was … Continue reading “Releasing my anxiety”

My love

Dear god please be with me & Chris. Strengthen our love, allow us to have compassion for one another’s faults. Help us to heal from past hurts so it does not affect out current relationship. Guide us in loving ways, and to bring our children into a loving, peaceful home. Please Mend our relationship issues, … Continue reading “My love”

Business prosperity

Heavenly Father, your word says that if we ask it shall be given to us, so today Lord I am seeking your blessings in abundance for my business to become and remain successful. Father you are the only one that will never forsake or deceive me no matter what. Bless my business Lord in this … Continue reading “Business prosperity”

Broken hearted

Please pray for my broken heart to mend. My soulmate left me after six years 3 months ago. I am grieving everyday but it still feels like she left me yesterday. Please help me to find the strength I need to feel contentment again. Please help her to find her way back to me if … Continue reading “Broken hearted”

help me to conceive a healthy baby

Please give me strength and guidance to help me to conceive a healthy baby. I long to become a parent had have my own family. It has been a long journey so far and my age is not in my side. Hopefully my prayers will be answered in order for me to achieve this.

Pray for my nephew to stop drinking

Pray that my nephew Christopher V. stops drinking and show him the road to a better life. To be able find God in his life and take care of his mother and have Love for her.