Prayer to St. Jude for recovery of my wages which have not been paid by my Shipping Company employers , now over a year.

Dear St Jude, Please bring my overdue wages from my Shipping Company employers; as I have not been paid the same for over a year. Please inspire and convince them to send the same as I have a family of THREE SCHOOL-GOING CHILDREN to support. There was a dispute on the ship which was delayed … Continue reading “Prayer to St. Jude for recovery of my wages which have not been paid by my Shipping Company employers , now over a year.”

Prayer to Stop Divorce

Please pray for me and my family…to stop the divorce that my husband sought. Today I must deliver signed papers to his attorney finalizing the divorce. I know in my heart of hearts that God brought us together and blessed us with a son…that he does not want to tear us apart. Please merciful God, … Continue reading “Prayer to Stop Divorce”

Pray for a Miracle

My brother took sick a few weeks ago. Now his condition is getting worse. He is now on life support and his family is devastated. We really need a miracle right now. He’s only 13 and he has always been healthy, so this is very hurtful to us. Please pray for a miracle that he … Continue reading “Pray for a Miracle”

Mothers Day Prayers

Mothers Day Prayers are not for saying just once a year. We can always celebrate and appreciate our mothers for the sacrifices they make for our care and well-being. It is said that the task of motherhood is one of the most difficult in all of humanity. The creation, nurturing and raising of children is … Continue reading “Mothers Day Prayers”

.Prayer for Daughter

Please help me stop my daughter from making a mistake, she is trying to buy a house that she cannot afford. Please St. Jude let someone who can afford the house buy it and place in her path a house that she can afford in the same location(Lesmurdie) Thankyou for listening to my prayer I … Continue reading “.Prayer for Daughter”

Simple Prayers

Here is our collection of simple prayers. These are great prayers for children to memorize and say on a daily basis. There is no better way to start your day than with a simple christian prayer. What makes a prayer simple? It certainly doesn’t mean that the prayer is not seen as valuable in God’s … Continue reading “Simple Prayers”

The Most Popular Prayers

Here, we are collecting the most popular Christian prayers, and crowd-sourcing the results. That means YOU get a say! If you see your favorite prayer below, vote for it. Don’t see your favorite? Simply submit it by clicking on the “Add to List” button. Your Favorite Prayers Thanks for voting… Share these prayer pictures with … Continue reading “The Most Popular Prayers”

Financial teaching

Please Lord I desperately need financial help and teaching. I am disabled and only have a set amount to work with. I am a poor money handler. Please help me learn to be better at this and help to elevate my worries and burdens. Please help me to have a better life and to be … Continue reading “Financial teaching”

Request to sell house

I humbly ask prayer for the sale of our prior home. I have placed the St. Joseph icon appropriately and said the prayer 9 days. It is expensive and labor intensive to maintain 2 properties andfinancially cannot afford it. It is listed with a prominent Realtor but getting no showings. It is immaculately clean but … Continue reading “Request to sell house”

A Mother’s Prayer

Heavenly Father I come to you asking for justice for my son. He have already served 5 years. And been out for 6 month now they want to lock him back up for things that was done in prison that he have already been punished for. And I don’t think its right. And I no … Continue reading “A Mother’s Prayer”

Christian Mealtime Prayers

Christian mealtime prayers, or saying grace, has been a long held tradition over thousands of years. Our food is the most conspicuous and constant reminder of our Father’s loving care and beneficent provision for our wants and needs. It means to us the continuance of life, good health, and prosperity. Mealtime prayers have been taken … Continue reading “Christian Mealtime Prayers”

Prayer for my child

Dear God thank you for all the blessings and answered prayers that you have blessed my son and helped to heal him of his afflictions. I am asking you now to touch his heart and soul and to guide him in making good choices, healthy choices to help him in his life. He needs your … Continue reading “Prayer for my child”

prayer for our relationship

Dear God Thank you for all the blessing that you gave in our relationship. Help us oh God to survive in all the trials that comes in our relationship..filled us with love,patience and understanding with each other. Instead of anger and bitterness change it with continues love and sweetness.. to you Almighty God we surrender … Continue reading “prayer for our relationship”