Welfare of my Children

by Sudha (Chennai)

To Heavenly Father Jesus, through St Jude. St Jude please pray for me – please pray – I shall ever remember you and speak of you to my friends and aquaintances in gratitude of your blessing, thank you thank you thank you – Oh Lord, please forgive me for all my errors. I deeply regret all that I have done to pain others, please forgive me and bless their hearts! Bless them all my Lord.

Now I seek help for my elder son who is a victim of sufferings for all my doings. My child is suffering too much of humiliation all around with ill health too. He is bright and intelligent as per the gift you have given him by birth. But now there is all muck of hatred and jealousy all around him. Please heal him, heal his life, health. Please let him live in honour with happiness and joy. Let him be your child, allow him to play, learn and enjoy life.

He needs admission in a good scchool, preference being family school – P S Senior Secondary School., but I have begged them too many times, now I only beg of you my lord, save my child, save him from humiliation, get him the much deserved admission into the school donated by his great grand parents, give him happiness and pride to live. Give his mother – me – love and compassion – discipline to take care – very good care of both the children. Please I have none other than you to understand me, please help me.

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