Deliver us from Babylon

Pray that all those who are tired, lost, lonely, heartbroken, sick, addicted, hungry, homeless, cold, mental ill, scared, worried, any other negative feeling/action/lifestyle will turn every issue/problem/dillema over to God, go to bed tonight, get some sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow well rested, refreshed, happy, healthy, cleansed, joyful, sober, with eating ears seeing eyes … Continue reading “Deliver us from Babylon”

Check up

I recently had a blood check up and my cholesterol was a bit high. My percentage body fat was not great either, even though I work out often. However, I hurt my back again and I have fallen into bad eating and workout habits. They continue to close the gym I workout at because of … Continue reading “Check up”

Deliver us from Babylon

Pray our debts will be wiped out so we can get housing, cars, education, medical care, etc all around the world Pray addicts/homeless/abuse victims will be able to get food stamps, housing and counseling treatment to feed their families all around the world Pray those not making appropriate affordable wages at work will be paid … Continue reading “Deliver us from Babylon”


I picked weight loss not only I’m overweight,I asking for prayers for weight loss if the world and because I’m tired of carrying the weight of addiction as far as gambling,and battling with me,the new and old me,I need a a career with purpose and financial stability,I need to take care of my family and … Continue reading “Abundance”


I suffer from depression & struggling to lose weight. I often just feel like giving up. I sometimes have irrational thoughts. I’ve been widowed for over 20+ years. I’m often discouraged that I will never find a Godly man to share the rest of my life. I need to stop focusing on that & live … Continue reading “Contentment”

Weight Loss

Dear God, Please help me with my weight and I have been going to the track and I have been working out and I do it fast and I ran and then I walked and I did 7.3 miles and my legs hurt badly and now my weight went from 181 to 184 and I … Continue reading “Weight Loss”

Prayers for Covid Cure

Father God please help us especially this beautiful country we call America. Lord l know you see and know all that’s happening. You say if we repent & turn from our wickedness we’ll hear from heaven and you’ll heal this land.Father, please heal our hearts & land from hate, killing anything that not of you.satan … Continue reading “Prayers for Covid Cure”

Weight loss

I want to lose 8 pounds so I can get back to good. I need to get the desire & keep the desire to eat healthier & smaller amounts & get my appetite under control. I need displine & support for walks & leaving me alone with my controlling my portions. I want more opportunities … Continue reading “Weight loss”


Hi I need a hip replacement. As I am in a lot of pain had to give up my job So I am asking that I may be put at the top of the list to get my hip done.. I am asking for prayer for financial hardship. As I am struggling I had to … Continue reading “Love”

Weight loss

I want to be 128 lbs & a flatter stomach & a happier & healthier body image. I need prayer for tha desire to eat healthier foods & smaller portions & get control over my emotions and thoughts and appitite. I need prayer I walk more & make this process more fun. I want prayer … Continue reading “Weight loss”


Lord, help me…I have high blood pressure and suffer from morbid obesity. I am on a fixed income, and cannot afford supplements to help. My weight keeps going higher, due to poor nutrition and my blood pressure stays scary high. I remain in fear that I am going to get a stroke. Help guide me … Continue reading “Roadblocks”


Dear friends, I am in desperate need to lose weight. My health is at risk do to my lungs but more so due to my weight. Please help me in prayer to remind me to make healthier choices. I thank you and my God bless you all and keep his healing hands over us all. … Continue reading “Lonely”

Prayer for healing

Lord, please help me to lose weight and be healthy. Thank you Jesus that you have already helped me lose 100 pounds. Forgive me for backsliding and gaining 20 pounds back. Please help me Lord to lose that weight and more. And please restore me to yourself Lord. Please help me to focus on you … Continue reading “Prayer for healing”

I’m prayer for my wife Sherry to lose weight she is extremely overweight and it’s not healthy for her, her mental state is not good.

Pray that God will touch and heal my wife to lose some weight and touch her mind and our marriage…we barley talk we don’t share the same bedroom or being intimate anymore for awhile now…I love her very much. But she wants to keep me away from her she doesn’t shower for days, she looks … Continue reading “I’m prayer for my wife Sherry to lose weight she is extremely overweight and it’s not healthy for her, her mental state is not good.”

Prayers for Nonbelievers

Father God please help us especially this beautiful country we call America. Lord l know you see and know all that’s happening. You say if we repent & turn from our wickedness we’ll hear from heaven and you’ll heal this land.Father, please heal our hearts & land from hate, killing anything that not of you.satan … Continue reading “Prayers for Nonbelievers”

Anxious Eating

God has promised me that I would lose weight when I saw my sister gaining weight (my sister has been super thin all her life). She is now a full size woman but my promise has yet to materialize. I want so desperately to lose weight, and had lost a considerable amount, however after my … Continue reading “Anxious Eating”

Soundness of mind

I pray for weight loss. I have had the sleeve surgery almost two years ago. During covid my son went through a mental set back and it made me stress eat. I ahd lost 100 pounds and I need to loose 100 more. But I gained 30 during dealing with my son. He is 31 … Continue reading “Soundness of mind”

Junk Food Junkie

I need help losing weight. My blood pressure is high knees are aching along with all the other ailments that go along with being overweight and my self esteem is low because I have put on so much weight. It seems I can’t control my eating(cake cookies pies candy chips etc). I need help with … Continue reading “Junk Food Junkie”

To meet genuine friends

I would like to meet some friends all throughout my life I have found it hard to make friendships.Im now 70 I’m married but my husband has no conversation with me and I would really love a few genuine friends as I’m very lonely. Thanks God Blessings.


Good morning All, I pray everyone are having a bless day! All praises to the one and only God. I come before you all this morning asking for prayer. On Monday, Sep. 21, 2020, I am scheduled to have surgery at 9 am. Please lift me in prayer.


Please pray the Holy Spirit gives me His peace. I gained weight and keep gaining because I am out of an addiction. I am going back to work monday. People will laugh at me. I don’t want to go like this. Please pray God helps me and has mercy on me and doesn’t make me … Continue reading “humiliated”

Prayer for Discernment

Lord, I come before you to give thanks for my life! I thank you for blessing me with discernment so that I may know right from wrong, even when it seems most difficult to determine. I have faith that you will lead me into the Promise Land! I pray and ask for clear sight, so … Continue reading “Prayer for Discernment”


Heavenly Father I pray today of weight loss..This is not suppose to be a prayer.Because lord your creations are beyond beautiful.but theres this party and I really want to look nice for it..And not even for the party to feel good about myself again..And another thing please lord is that can Father please help me … Continue reading “Insecurities”


Dear Holy Father, I ask you to help me be strong daily in my perseverance of fighting this addiction of unhealthy eating. I ask you to help me with your guidance to make my body, mind & spirit strong to lose this unwanted weight and have the life & joy I know you want for … Continue reading “Perseverance”


I need to lose weight. Job stress, family, and finances keep me wanting to eat & sleep for comfort. My online spending is out of control due to anxiety & shame. Pray for my energy & motivation to improve my lifestyle and poor choices to buy stuff I don’t need or want. Thank You for … Continue reading “Anxiety/Obesity”

Prayers for our country

I thank the Lord that I am able to care for my husband. That you have given me the strength and knowledge to do that but I constantly are plagued with cramps, diarrhea and unable to gain weight. Please heal me so I can be a testimony for my husband, family and the community. Thank … Continue reading “Prayers for our country”


Dear God, The Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Michael and Jesus Christ, I need your help badly and I am being gang stalked and hated by so many people and they want to beat me up and kick my ass and make sure I pay the price b/c of you know who and I need your … Continue reading “Gangstalked”

Prayer request

Please pray for me to gain victory on some areas of my life: fitness-I need to work out more and have gotten out of shape during Covid. Pray for me to commit and to have energy and desire to work out. Also, please pray for me to gain skills and confidence in my business that … Continue reading “Prayer request”

bad health

Dear God , please help me to lose weight, please heal my knees, diabetes, and all my bad health, please put your healing hand over me and my family dear God, Keep me and my family safe, Dear God please heal my children’s anxiety, Heavenly Father, please keep my family safe from COVID, please help … Continue reading “bad health”

Healing & Strength

father give me the boldness i need to stay strong in your will. Give me the knowledge to and strength to loose this weight..i need you lord and i depend on you to keep me strong to do and enjoy the work you have for me to do in jesus name.

Giving In

I really need to lose weight. I want to be a better wife, mom and grandmother. I feel that taking stress off my knees and other joints will allow me to do more active things. I keep giving in to eating when I get hungry. I don’t take time to be sure it’s the healthy … Continue reading “Giving In”