by Debbie (St. Louis, MO)

Good Lord, stay with those of us who get too tempted to overeat, those who aren’t choosing healthy enough foods and all those who are struggling to get their weight down and keep it off. No one said it’d be easy but many times, for many of us, it is seemingly downright impossible.

I have been struggling with my weight over the last three years and a few months, this is the most I’ve every struggled and do find affirmative praying helpful and conducive to a positive outcome. Let us be discerning, each attending to his/her own needs in weight matters and, if applicable, seek medical expertise to rule out diabetes, hypothyroidism and/or other diseases which might be impeding progress.

Please stay with me, Lord, and give me the wisdom to discern your presence as with me always. You do not abandon us, we just need to focus on You, especially at critical and particularly difficult times, to feel and know your Presence. Please help us realize Your infinite and persistent power.

In Jesus name,

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