weight loss gang stalking hatred on me, stress, IBS,

by Aimee Adesso ()

Dear Father God, Saint Michael, Jesus Christ, Saint Jude,
My name is Aimee Adesso and I need your help and I missed alot of church and this COVID-19 is tearing up this world and I need your help and I want to come home and I hate it here and I need your help and all I have is you and I need some help and the people here they suck they do nothing for you and they can’t do anything right and they pour all this stress on me and I am being gang stalked and they have me down as a terrorist on social media and they lied to me, betrayed me, yelled at me, made my life hell on earth, and they fired me from Old Navy and I have no friends and nobody likes me here and Dallas B is the ringleader gangstalking me and he told the entire world and he has me on social media as a terrorist and everyone believes it. I have been gang stalked and hated so much and this wasn’t my fault none of this was, I miss Michael Arthur and he said I have to go through this hell again. This COVID-19 virus is spreading everywhere and I need your help and I want my life back and I want to be with you LORD JESUS please help me and I miss so much church and my family is useless and you know how they are and they dont’ care and I need your help and the virus is tearing up the world. I want to come home and I miss my family so much Michael and my children. I need Saint Michael’s help so badly. He is the only Angel that I go to for help Please Father GOD Help me I need your help I have no friends and everyone hates me here and they said I will be a loser and ever amount to anything and I got into trouble with people and they wanted to beat me up all because of Dallas and I get daggered stares and people driving slow around my house and they stare at me and call me a “terrorist and they believe it!” I am not. Its all his fault and I told him to leave me alone and he lied to me and gas lighted me, betrayed me, called me crazy, humliated me, and pretended to care when it benefited him to do so. I have a Saint Michael neckace and a cross Stacy and my mom are so dumb. They really are and they never protected me they added so much stress in my life and they still do it and Easter Sunday was fine and I didn’t get trouble and people still drive by my house waiting for me to do something and I haven’t and I need your help and the world hates me and they want me dead. I am dying inside and I want a normal life and I want someone to help me and rescue me and I need Saint Michael and his angels. Please GOD HELP ME PLEASE! Your all I have left! Everyone is out for blood on me. Stacy and my mom have no clue and I got an i tunes gift card and candy and May is mother’s day and I got my mom a dress and a bracelet and I need to get a card and flowers for mother’s day. Please help me loose weight and I need to loose 40 pounds. I will fast and I will do that!

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