May me and my husband to be to grow good fruit in Jesus name and to have a healthy and wealthy peaceful marriage in Jesus name Amen

Prayer for Josh

Please pray for the coming wedding of my daughter to Josh. May their coming together as one be a relationship that is based on the foundation of the word of God. May Josh show his feelings to my daughter to show how I perceive him, to be proud of her in spite of her not … Continue reading “Prayer for Josh”

My marriage

To settled down this marriage ,my home this year.

Financial and Marriage to come

I pray that me and my boyfriend get married soon so we can live right in God’s eyes. Praying that our financial situation grant us the proper wedding in God’s eyes and his house in Jesus name amen.

Successful Wedding Ceremony and Prosperous Marriage Life

Please pray along with Me as I look forward to be wedded come July 27th 2019 by faith. The Resources is actually not available but I trust God for supplies. The Lord should break every long protocols and cause the day to be a success.

Pray for No Rain!

My sister’s wedding is this coming Saturday on the 18th, & the forecast shows rain throughout the day. It’s an outdoor wedding, along with the reception, & pictures outdoor as well. Please pray for beautiful weather with clear skies!!


Thank you for your Daily prayers please pray for a partner that loves me and my kids and God Feared.

Marriage by

I am 47 years and never been married.Pray for me .I need to get married and have kids.

Just requesting prayer

I’m going through a really hard time and it has lasted so long. I’m having trouble because it’s something that God could easily solve, but He hasn’t yet and I don’t understand. I’m hurting (not physically) every day because of it.

Miracles in my Son’s life

Dear Father in Christ please pray for miracles in my younger Son’s life. May God Choose a good life partner for him. And help him to get married soon. My son is feeling very lonely and depressed. Lord have mercy on us and forgive us. Amen

Finding God’s Wills in my Marriage

Dear Lord, I have been in a few relationships and I’m not sure if I have already met the person who your favour is upon her for me to marry. Please help me to make the right choice to get married to my soul mate.


Pray for unity love compassion understanding between family for an upcoming wedding, please.

Prayer for my family

Prayer for my fiyancy’s government job he was trying and plz pray for our marriage and also for his relationship with god

Mortgage and Nclex examination

Heavenly Father I thank you, my merciful God! You are the one that makes the impossibilities possible! Please, father, grant me my home and finally my passing of my board! In the name of the Fathers the Son and the Holy Spirit! Amen

Thanks giving

Father in heaven, I acknowledge that because of your presence in my wedding, the ceremony Was successful. Thank you so much father for attending this poor man’s marriage.

Marital breakthrough and financial breakthrough and peace of mind.

I want you to help me in prayer for God to bless me with a God fearing man who respects women and financially stable to locate me he should be good looking with a good character and to financially bless me and to have faith in him alone and spirit of unforgiveness to go away..amen

Life partner

I want u to join me in prayer on recognizing my life partner I don’t want my marriage to pass this year. And if it mayowa the person that just came into my life God should review it to me, I don’t want disappointment this year and if he is done God should make him … Continue reading “Life partner”

Daughter’s Marriage

Please pray that God should bring the right person for my daughter to get married before June 2019.

For a good husband

I pray to god to get a good husband in my life. I have been searching for a groom but I am not getting a perfect one. please do pray for me.

Good Weather

I pray for sunshine tomorrow – we are having friends and family together for an engagement party and have all been through so much.

Martial settlement

Am praying for the Good Lord to help me locate my missing rib, through the intercession of St Jude.

Prays for my wedding

I am getting married December 8th, please pray for revival at my wedding and for mine (Jason) and my wife’s (Crystal) love and live’s to be a testimony and seed to everyone who comes. I am praying for a bride and bridegroom revival at our wedding. And I am praying for Jesus to be the … Continue reading “Prays for my wedding”

Marriage prayer

Praying for our marriage life of my huband David.that we always put God is the center of our relationship.May God reveal our purpose together for His glory.Let the Holy Spirit alqays lead and guide us in every decision we will make in our life together.Give us wisdom and may our love for each other always … Continue reading “Marriage prayer”


Please, pray for me as i am about to get married and start a family of my own ,that God should give Me and My future Husband the ability to build our home On Christ the solid Rock ,give me Understanding and patient and make me a good wife to My Husband and Children. And … Continue reading “Marriage”

Prayer to Marry Well

Oh my God, whatever day of the week the wedding is, let it happen on a good day. Whatever month of the year the wedding is, let it bring a season of happiness. Whatever color the dress is, hope it is good luck. Whether its a first wedding, or any one after that, may it … Continue reading “Prayer to Marry Well”

Love in the new journey

I request prayers for me and my partner as we embark on this new level of our lives. we plan to get married next year but there are lot of obstacles trying to block the way and make me to have second thoughts. since his proposal the devil is fighting by all means not to … Continue reading “Love in the new journey”


Lord I come to you to today to restore my life to the humble peaceful types emit was . So much has changed . You gave me a blessing of a beautiful child but it turned to be the worst decision of my life . I am thankful for my baby’s healthy , join happiness … Continue reading “Breakthrough”


In the name of the Father,the Son and the holly spirit,father GOD i know that you have made me and you knew me before I was even born you knew that on the 13/10/18 i will get married i trust YOU father GOD to bless my wedding day and my marriage i trust that everything … Continue reading “Financial”

Financial breakthrough

Lord,have mercy on me from every financial unfaithfulness in the past.Deliver me from the reproach of financial recklessness this year,open the door of financial dominion for me this season in Jesus’s name.Abba Father by the acts of your Holy Spirit, release upon me the blessings and power to get wealth this year in Jesus’s Name.AMEN


I am confused, whom should i marry.

Fiancee visa

Lord we want my process for fiancee visa to happen because me Leola Jeremiah and Mark silver wants to be marry soon plus we wants the immigration to approve of our application plus we wants no problems or delays with the process plus to fill out our applications correctly and divine intervention in the interviews … Continue reading “Fiancee visa”

Prayers for wedding

I have always wanted to wed butI don’t have any fund to organise all the requirements. Please pray for me


Please pray for me I just heard that there are some hindrances to my marriage its been 11 years now im single and looking for a partner to get married .I have seen many guys but nothing seems to work out . Please pray for me that i find the right partner.


Pray for my daughter as they are planning for marriage solemnization, that God will direct them in His way and protect and bless them as they enter in the marriage institution. I also need prayers for the provision of air ticket fare and protection over the trip so I can attend the wedding coming up … Continue reading “Request”

prayer for merrage

i ask for honesty and trust in my relationship and further I pray for marriage. And financial break through in JESUS MIGHTY NAME.