Hello, about 9 going on almost 10 years ago. I meet a man, I can still see his eye on the very first day when we met. Were engaged our wedding dates keep getting pushed back because of life and family issues. I Love him and I do believe I live somewhere in his heart. … Continue reading “Marriage”

Marriage Alliance

praise the lord pastor iam manoj pray for my marriage Alliance and sister marriage alliance and also family health and financial problem and pray for job problems facing daily.and since iam soo slm since childhood my age s 26 and weight is 45kg pray for my health pastor.


I want to get married to the man in my life this year and live happily ever after with good health, long life, kids, money etc…….


From contract staff to a full staff in my present job And my wedding this year be a success In Jesus name

My present love

I would like prayer for my current relationship, i believe pak is the one i want to marry,,i asked that he really sees my worth and value,,and proposes to me,,i pray for peace and joy in our relationship and longevity,

Walking in Devine blessings

Dear father,I need your help to walk into my Devine blessings that you have ordained for me from the beginning of time,you said that man should not be alone genesis 2 and 18 I am alone I am in despair I need a help mate I am holding onto your promises I need your help

For elder sister Esther

Praise the lord My elder sis Esther is not well. She has convinced everyone to get married.she does not talk to anyone at home and lives alone. She don’t praise God and not doing prayer also she abuse god always bcoz she is not getting married. She always cry bcoz of my sis my parents … Continue reading “For elder sister Esther”

Getting married

I’m with a godly man and we want to be together I’m in recovery and leaving soon and I need prayers to live god will I know god brought him into my life cause before I got with him I did not believe and the ways it happend was only god please help me I … Continue reading “Getting married”

❤️ Love

I pray that I have a God Fearing man in my life. A man the is a lifelong companion and can stand on his own two feet financially. There’s a man that I continue to help financially with promises of home & family but fails to come true so if this is not him take … Continue reading “❤️ Love”

Divine settlement of marriage

Almighty God king of glory thank you for a wonderful day like this forgive me my sins and bless me with my own life partner this year remove every shame, disappointment and delay in my life and let your glory shine forth in my life in Jesus name i pray amen


my marriage is fixed on august. A restoring prayer for love, peace, and harmony to be restored in our relationship. Pray for intimacy to improve soon Between us. please pray to free her from other relationships. Some of her male relationship which is hurting me always. Hold her in your prayers


Dear god please give us unity, happiness, wealth, peace, prosperity, friendship among our family members.Holy God please make my brother’s engagement soon.Heavenly father please give us a good circumstances soon.Lord we are waiting for a delightful future filled with love,care, affection.Queen of angels please take us out of this confusion, troubles, misunderstandings, clashes, fights,mind disturbances, … Continue reading “Prayer”


Dear god please givee peace of mind, happiness, wealth,prost, justice, fortune life, wisdom, knowledge, courage, countless exciting incidents,outer beauty,inner beauty, tenderness, affection, delight,love, care.Holy father please give us unity,good circumstances, delight,fun in our family.Mercy God please bless us with your miracles.Holy Mary please fulfil our desires,aims, thoughts and goals.Almighty God please give us a positive … Continue reading “Prayer”


Dear Lord Jesus Christ please give us peace of mind, miracles, happiness, wealth, prosperity, justice, fortune life, wisdom, knowledge, courage, countless exciting incidents,outer beauty,inner beauty, tenderness,love, affection.Holy father please give delight,fun time and laughing hours in our family.Holy Mary please take us out of confusion, troubles, misunderstandings, clashes, problems, fights, disturbances, stress, worries, depression.Heavenly father … Continue reading “Prayer”


Dear Lord Jesus Christ please give us peace of mind, delight, happiness, wealth, prosperity, justice, fortune life, wisdom, knowledge, courage, countless exciting incidents.Holy father please please give us miracles in our life.Dear God please forgive me for the unknown mistakes and known mistakes.Holy Mary please bless us with your miracles.Eternal God please give us a … Continue reading “Prayer”

prayers requests



Pray for me RASOAMANARIVO FARA JEMIMA that I will marry this year 2020 and that my marriage will be this year with a Christian man, intelligent, kind, handsome, rich and who really loves me. Pray for me that I will be released completely from the spirit of loneliness, that I will be delivered from the … Continue reading “MARRIAGE”


Praise god.i am believer .my name is Ashishkumar rasikbhai patel. i am from india state gujarat dist navsari.God has given me Pinal as a wife. My marriage is scheduled with Pinal Kumari Kiranbhai Bhagat. God bless our marriage and we will be very happy. We remain in love with one another and pray that our … Continue reading “marigge”


Good day fellow believers. I dont want tell my whole story here. But Im need of prayer for me to find my perfect match. Its my biggest desire to be loved and to love someone and I really want to get married and have a life partner to share my experiences with. Ive been through … Continue reading “lonelyness”

Prayer requests

Thank you for my life and family Please lord, bless me with my own spouse that will love and cherish me so much and let us have our wedding by Easter.. Amen Please help me to pass my IELTS test and grant me Canada permanent residency. Help me to be married and a child in … Continue reading “Prayer requests”

Daughter’s wedding

Dear God i pray that my daughter could find an alternative church and venue for her wedding as all is set to be held in tagaytay but due to Taal volcano eruptiion, they have to relocate. Pls GOD have mercy as their wedding is 2 months to go and she is based in other country … Continue reading “Daughter’s wedding”

marital blessings

I want God to grant my heart desires,especially for marital blessings.the day will surely come success fully and peacefully without any hindrance and God should protect and guide my fiancée and I throughout this journey, he should have mercy on us and grant our desires.and put an end to any evil utterances and judgement of … Continue reading “marital blessings”

relationship and job requast

i pray for my relationship,i pray that my boyfriend takes us seriously and his feelings for me dont change,i pray that he fullfills his promises of marrying me as he has always promised.i pray to get a permanent job for the job i was recently shortlised


I am planning to marry my girlfriend. Pray that God will provide for my engagement ring. Pray that God will provide the financial need for our wedding. And when we get married I am planning to move to where she is which I don’t know if I will get a job. Above all pray that … Continue reading “Transition”

Cold feet and an ex

Dear father, I come to you to ask that you please help strengthen our love and relationship as we have stepped back from our wedding that was to happen in in 10 .days Lord, I’m praying that you touch his heart and let him feel his love for me and remember my presence with him … Continue reading “Cold feet and an ex”

God’s promises

Praying for the smooth flow of things on our wedding and for the finances to be adequate and sufficient in the name of Jesus.

daughter’s wedding

Please pray for my daughter’s wedding on Friday 22 November 2019 at 4.00pm. Pray that the Lord will release heavenly reinforcement to stand guard. That the glory of the Lord will be present like aroma rising to the heavens. Travel mercies for all the guests. For protection and order. the mighty Lord is a God … Continue reading “daughter’s wedding”


Pray for me RASOAMANARIVO FARA JEMIMA that I be released, delivered totally from the spirit of celibacy prolonged and chronic and that I will get married in the shortest time because I am 36 years old now. May God break the yoke of celibacy and let the evil lock that holds me prisoner in solitude … Continue reading “MARIAGE”


Pray God gives me revelation into who my wife is and to her about me. Pray God makes this marriage happen within the next 6 months. Pray our hearts are bond together in marriage and divorce never happen. Pray God makes this happen for me in this time and season in this time and season. … Continue reading “needs”

General Prayer

Prayer Request for Bro John A. I. 1. Marital Settlement – December 14th, 2019. 2. Complete change of Genotype from ‘AS’ to ‘AA’ 3. Accommodation – B/4 End of September, 2019 4. Divine Favour 5. Financial Prosperity 6. Promotion/Better Job/Increase Salary 7. International Connections/Travels 8. Educational Advancement 9. Spiritual Growth 10. Lands/Estate/Houses Ownership 11. Divine … Continue reading “General Prayer”

A new home

Dear heavenly father I pray for a financial blessings for my fiancee to marry me and that we shall fine a home together in the same place , for we have been apart in to different states , father God bring us together in the same . thank you, that I may honor you all … Continue reading “A new home”

Prayer for Marriage

Meeting and Marrying A Good Looking Godly Man That Loves Me with a job Wealthy and A House and A Car and My License Renewed In Jesus Name Amen. A wedding in a really Nice place and a beautiful honeymoon. Like Hawaii.

Financial miracle

I have made necessary arrangements for wedding but I’m cash trap. I need God intervention now like never before. God should send an angel to me camp right now. Amen