Wedding Prayer

by Kim E. Grosenbacher (Defiance, Ohio)

(We had said our vows & were kneeling at the altar when we prayed this.)

We offer this service of sacrament and our lives together as testimony to Your faithfulness and witness to your love. In humble gratitude, love and joy we bow our bodies, souls and spirits before you now. You, in your kindness and wisdom, have chosen us to be together as husband and wife and have made it come to be. Those who know us rejoice that You have brought us together and acknowledge that our union is meant to be. We praise you from the depths of our souls and honor your name.
You have made us husband and wife and joined us as one. This prayer is our first act of our marriage. We humbly dedicate our life together to your service. We consecrate ourselves to loving You with all of our heart, all of our soul, all of our mind and all of our strength. We commit our life ahead to bearing witness to Your love and bringing glory to your name. We sanctify our marriage in this solemn moment to be of service to You – Your loving hand outstretched to a world in need.
For this reason, we ask for Your empowering by Your Holy Spirit and for Your providence to supply all that we need to fulfill our commitment. We pray for strength and courage and faith to carry out Your will for us and to carry on against adversity and opposition. Strengthen our hearts and spirits to meet the tasks and challenges ahead.
You have joined our lives and hearts in marriage. Now, join our spirits, our goals and our purposes in one loving commitment to You.
In the name of Jesus Christ,

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