Wedding Prayer: “ALL BECAUSE OF LOVE”

by Frances Salave'a Sefo (Leone-Pago Pago, American Samoa)

Father, I am truly blessed with my lifetime partner (my husband), which you led into my path.

Being submissive isn’t a challenge but is a commitment, so that I can honor you through my spouse. I grow each day through the realization that submission is a strong cord that binds all the qualities of your goodness into the relationship I share with my wonderful hubby.

Only when I am willing to listen and surrender, then I am able to hear your wise counsel in applying your principles to help keep the growth within my marriage fresh, alive, and flowing with your amazing love.

This vow I made in the sight of you, to remain faithful to my love, helps me to understand spiritually, the love you have for me in our relationship.

I pray that my first love experience will always flourish and prosper into the kind of marriage that you always intended for those who chose to enter into Holy Matrimony, which is simple but yet Powerful (all because of LOVE!)

TO you be all the glory, honor, praise and thanksgiving in Jesus name.

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