We trust in The Lord and His plans

by Lysanne (Kalamazoo, Michigan)

Dear St. Joseph, I pray to you to take our prayers to the most high Jesus Christ,the child you were blessed to be His earthly father. We have less than a month left to sell our beautiful home according to our bankruptcy reorganization. We pray that God and Jesus, will look upon us with favor and find a deserving family their forever home on this earth. St. Joseph, we are down to the wire. We pray that the family that is in love with our home, are able to get the credit score they need this week. I am afraid we will be homeless and without money from a sale to move. We have made many mistakes and are trying to live Godly lives now. Our spirit has been renewed and we are in love with Father God. If it is His will, our home will sell in time. I’d like to ask you to intercede on behalf of us here. We will follow Jesus down whichever path God leads us but I pray, this once, that it is the easier path of the home sale vs losing the house to the bank.

We thank you for being such a wonderful father to Jesus and husband to Mary. May God eternally bless you in heaven.
Love, Lysanne, Richard, Molly, Connor and Matthew.

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