We realized it was because we weren’t putting God first

by Janelle (Savannah, GA)

My boyfriend and I were going through a hard time. We realized it was because we weren’t putting God first. I began praying that God would break us down to rebuild us in His image. We experienced a lot of enemy attacks, and my boyfriend decided to end the relationship. We’ve seen each other at church and talked a few times, and both believe that there is the chance that, while taking time to focus on ourselves and on God, eventually we could get back together. I told him that I had prayed for us to be built with a foundation in God, and he agreed that this could be what is happening. We are both still struggling with putting God first, and still experiencing heavy enemy attack. Can I please ask for prayers for strength, for God’s will to be done, and for our hearts to soften and for us to find love in each other through God again?

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