We pray and claim a Godsent Miracle

by Audrei (El Paso, Texas, USA)

Dear God,

I am so sorry, I feel like I have let you down. I’ve been battling my walk with you, I want you in my heart and in my life. We are facing eviction if we do not pay 1,650 by February 5th, 2016 or we are homeless… Our light is going to be turned off tomorrow if we do not give 83 dollars. We have no Gas and it’s cold, our water is due in a week. I’ve been trying to find work and I am so lost…

Jesus, I give it all to you. It is a burden I can’t handle… I need you. By your grace father, please have mercy on us. Come into our hearts and open the door for us. Give us the means to continue. You are the miracle of miracles… and we are in desperate need of one.

We pray and claim a Godsent Miracle. Allow the Electric to give us time, bless me with a great job, by your grace I claim victory over our rent. Aid us, comfort us. Please God. I claim victory over our mountain. BY YOUR GRACE AND MERCY!!!!


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