We Need your Help Lord

by Danielella (Chicago,Il Us)

Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I ask for forgiveness, Have mercy on my soul. Today, I was provoked into a physical altercation with my daughter who raised her hands against me. Her and her daughters became homeless so I brought them into my home. They have shown nothing but disrespect towards me ,my husband and our home. Please pray for us. I feel that I’m about to lose my mind. Cover me Lord. I’m surrounding by Chaos,Misery,and Drama.. I have no Peace anywhere. Pray for my family and friends who I love dearly. I’ve done all that I can do, I’ve given all that I have to the point where I now have nothing. Lord Please give me Strength and show me the way. Please pray for my Mother Jessie. Pray for our family. Please pray for healing,Michael jr, Latoya,Sonserya,Melissa,Michael sr.Jasmine. Please pray for Yolanda,Debra B.,Bradley,Regina,and Ella that they received the positions that they applied for. LaVounta and Terrence for Employment. Please pray for affordable strife free homes, Ruthie,Wanda,and Ella. By his stripes we are Healed. God supplies all our needs according to the riches in Glory in Jesus Christ. By Faith through the Precious Blood of the Lamb Jesus. IN Jesus Name Amen Giving praise and Honor to my Through the Precious Blood of the Lamb Jesus. Amen Amen

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