We need that New Green energy source true Heavenly Father, if BIden is cutting what we are using now Biden must have it.

by Gabby ()

Reason for Prayer Request:

I Gabby a SCHITZOPHRENIC that says to everyone includeing myself that I am NOT SCHITZOPHRENIC and that I am HEALED in JESUS NAME, but was forced by these OVERPOWERING VOICES in my mind to say it, by the very voices I Gabby hear in my mind be they PSYCHICS, MEDIUMS, CHANNELERS, TELEPATHICS, TECHNOTELEPATHICS, or others INTENTIONALLY AFFLICTING I GABBY, and many others. Here is what I Gabby say as a result of the SERIAL GROUP REMOTE UNPROVABLE MENTAL abuse I Gabby and the rest of us are suffering.

1Pe 2:24
who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness—by whose stripes you were healed.

Maybe I Gabby DONT believe ENOUGH?

I still say that this is technology being used to INTENTIONALLY violate I Gabby, oh they made one more comment: “Now that Biden is PRESIDENT, something BIG is coming?”. I Gabby dont know what they mean, but they did RAPE I Gabbys mind to put that INFO in I GABBYS HEAD.

I was sent an email by the RNC, and this is what it said, could this be the BIG thing that was coming? I Gabby really dont know and really DONT CARE!

On his very first day in office, Joe Biden destroyed 11,000 American jobs and $1.6 BILLION in wages when he halted construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

So I Gabby guess this means they need newer and better forms of acquireing GREEN ALTERNATE ENERGY? Is Biden going to release one of those ALTERNATE ENERGY SUPPLIES that the different Govt labs across the COUNTRY supposedly have to POWER AMERICA? They claim it to be ALIEN TECHNOLOGY they got off of Alien to Earth Space Craft?

Prayer Request:

We in the name of the true Jesus Christ by His power, His Faith, and by the authority He has given us, WE in the true JESUS CHRISTS name ask YOU TRUE HEAVENLY FATHER YHVH TO COMPLETELY permanently and continuously heal in every way possible all the victims of this thing that calls itself the Virgin Mary, and is NOT, and all its associates that are also attacking us through the occult or technologic-occult, and that You true Heavenly Father permanently set us free of ALL of them that are attacking us their many victims reguardless the methods or means they are intentionally using to afflict us. Thank You true Holy Trinity. Amen.

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