we need food and a home my wife and three kids

by Phillip (Villaridge Mo Usa)

we need food and a home my wife and three dids are living with my parents we have no home and hard to keep food on table I have 15 dollars that has to last me for a week maybe 2 until maybe I can get some work or ask for more money from peopleim very disappointed in myself for my children but I just don’t know anymore I’m so afraid for when we have no one to turn to then what would I doim afraid there going to take my children away my wife has not been throu and does not handle ruff times very well I will be ok I know I could make it with nothing but my wife and children whould feel traped distraught hurt they would be in agony and I feel like its my responsibility. if anyone can help email [email protected] my wifes email but I check it enjoy your life stay happy please and forgive love the people you interact with …………………life is short relax take it slow love once there was a husband and a wife the wife heard a sound and said that’s a chicken did you hear that and the husband heard the noise quack quack that’s a duck he said she said no it went quack quack its a chicken he said no its a duck d u c k duck got it !!!!!!!!!!!! she cried and said but its a chicken. and at that moment he realized wat was more inportin not if it was a chicken or a duck but there time together happy and not arguing and he said you know I think your right honey I think it is a chicken 😉