We desperately need God to intervene in our marriage

by Aimee (USA)

We desperately need God to intervene in our marriage. I am so angry, hurt, frustrated, sad, depressed and ready to just give up.

We have been married for 9 years and together for 11. This marriage has never really been what God has designed for it to be. My husband has never done the “leave and cleave” act from his family. Aside from that, God and I take a backseat to all other things in his life (his job, family, friends, sports, hobbies, etc.). Also, he travels for work (with females too) and is physically absent much of the time. He is in and out of my life. I get no quality time or attention. I get the scraps of what’s left after he does everything else he wants to do. I have been trying to stand and get help.
I have proactively set up counseling, marriage mentors, and also lead us in prayer. We receive the same suggestions about establishing appropriate boundaries and having your priorities right. But, he never applies the advice. He’s emotionally immature and cold and doesn’t make concessions for us. He will put 200% into everything and everyone else.
I don’t want to divorce, but honestly I just do t know how to continue in this misery. We attend church weekly together (which is about the only good thing we do). I pray God moves and turns my husband toward Himself and me. Marriage is to be unified. I just feel like we are living two separate lives. He’s too selfish and self-centered. He’s 39 years old and I just feel like I am wasting time with each passing moment.