We believe in your power let out faith fail us not!

by To (Bmore)

Lord the earth is your footstool, you are the author and finisher of our faith Jesus, beside you there is no other, these things you know but as I write it I’m actually reminding myself of this and not you, you have all things in your hand just as you caused the hearts of men to harden you that just shows you control everything! Our faith to you in the spirit is as money is to us in the natural we exchange faith for the money to pay off all our debts mortgage included.

I rebuke any foreclosure proceedings, and no weapons formed against us shall prosper, even evil has to have permission to do anything to us, and you said you’ll supply our needs so we speak to the atmosphere and all wickedness in high places we bind and loose all spiritual forces against all your people reading and writing in this forum by faith a way has been made to relieve us from this threat we face for nothing is too hard for you and greater is he that’s in me and you (who’ve ers reading this) than he that’s in the world! It is done and we thank you in advance for what was meant for evil Jesus had turned it for good for them that love The Lord! In Jesus name amen

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