We are praying for a financial miracle

by Janet (Manassas VA)

My husband and I have great dreams, plans and goals for our family and God’s kingdom. However, our finances are not secure.

I have been praying for my husband and myself to be abundantly and handsomely recompensed for over 5 years now. I will not give up the fight! My husband never got anywhere in the work force and got demoted for reporting waste,fraud and abuse. We had plans to start a family, but we were stuck in a two income trap. We moved further out from the city to find affordable housing. However this caused us to have long commutes, and in order for us to have a child, one of us had to stay home and care for him. We told a noble leap of faith by having my husband quit his job to take care of our son Joshua who was born in 2009, since he had the lower paying job. It was a hard decision. It should not have been this way. He should have been making twice as much as I make and I should have been able to stay home while our my husband brought home enough income, but the devil stole that from him and now we are believing for a settlement! Now, our home has lost half it’s value. My husband’s mother died and we received an inheritance, praise God!, but a lot of it was lost.

Ever since my husband’s decision to quit his job, I have been praying fervently for my husband’s income to be replaced so that we can afford to have this child, but to no avail. We have tried so much. We tried starting a contracting business with a another family using half of my husband’s inheritance from his mother, but the business was too slow in getting off the ground and we had some disagreements with our partners. God finally laid it on our hearts to give away our stake in the business. Everyone tells us that we are lucky to be able to live on a single income. We cannot afford to pay for our family expenses on just my income. We have had a negative cash flow ever since my husband quit his job.

I also have not gotten a promotion in a long time. Now that my husband is able to go back to work since our son has had the foundational upbringing that one parent being home provides, he cannot find one. I am so frustrated. I cannot even find any income generating endeavor that will even pay $50 a month, let alone hundreds or thousands.

My pay has also been frozen. We recently invested what was left my husband’s inheritance in foreign currency since it has been prophesied by many people that the dollar will crash. Now the dollar is rising. We lost 10% of our savings as a result of this.

Had we invested in foreign currency just two months earlier than we did, we would have made money instead of lost it! Our cash is becoming depleted. We are planning on reinvesting what we have left in the right places where we will prosper regardless of the economy or the markets.

It seems like anything we try outside of work doesn’t pan out the way we need it two. If I could at least get a promotion and if my husband could at least find a job, we would be okay. We are believing for much more though. We are believing for a recompense for our losses as promised in Isaiah 61:7.

I choose to believe for a financial blessing that will be so wonderful and amazing and increasingly so since we have lost on so many accounts. I do tithe and give offerings. I end up giving more than 25% of my income in a year.

We have needs, goals, dreams and expenses that are becoming more intense and increasing much faster than any increase in our income. We want to not only be able to afford the child we have currently, but to be able to afford a second child as well.

Please pray in agreement with us with a heart of compassion and belief in us. Thank you and God Bless.

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