We are currently undergoing through a misunderstanding

Father God, I pray for my current relationship with my partner. We are currently undergoing through a misunderstanding. Forgive me, Lord, for whatever pain, disappointments, and anger I have caused him which made him emotionally distant these days. I do not intent to cause him those things, Lord. Please touch his heart and fill it with your love. Make his heart feel his love for me again. Give our relationship a chance to make things better and Lord, please allow us to grow old together and spend the rest of our lives loving, caring, and respecting each other. Lord guide us and be at the center of our relationship. Do not let any other woman to come between us and steal my man. Remind him always of my love for him, Lord. May this baby in my womb grow safely and healthy. May our baby bring us more closer to you and love each other till death do us part. This I humbly pray, Lord in the most holy and loving name of Jesus. Amen.