We also ask that Almighty God in His Mercy remove from us all the physical pain and earthly limitations

by MLD (Florida)

O Saint Joseph, who sits at the hand of God Almighty, please remove all financial and health obstacles that are blocking my family from finding our happiest self in our forever home. O St Joseph, who is so Mighty, please ask the Lord God to bestow His blessings on my family and remove all evil clouds that are preventing monetary blessings from our lives, so that they may freely flow to my family from this day forward. We also ask that Almighty God in His Mercy remove from us all the physical pain and earthly limitations that have settled in our bodies and mind and are preventing us from living our full, healthy, and prosperous life in His Name. We love and trust in God Almighty and always seek to do His good with generosity and kindness to all our friends, family, and neighbors. O St. Joseph, please help us in our time of need and take our prayer with Heavenly speed to your earthly son Jesus and God Almighty. Hear our prayer, O God, as we humbly ask for your light and power to shine on us and bless us and keep us, so that we fulfill our highest destiny and desire with the strength of a whole and healthy body and mind. O Sweet Jesus, in the name of your earthly Father Joseph and Mother Mary, we pray for your Mercy and Love to shine on us immediately now and all around us forever as we are struggling in this dark time. Rid the Devil from our house now and forever and remove all the dark thoughts and entities preventing us from living in the light of your Love and Kindness with Wellness and Prosperity. O Lord, give us the strength and the knowledge to proceed in wisdom and virtue to fulfill our goals and achieve our earthly desires with dignity and speed in a way that glorifies your Sweet Name. O Saint Joseph, please hear our prayer. We love and praise your son, Jesus, and our Lord God Almighty, and trust and believe that our prayers will be answered. Thank you for always hearing our prayers today and forever. We believe in the power of prayer and know Your rich blessings will flow to us in abundance. In Jesus name, Forever and Ever, Amen.

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