We adore you, Oh God, and implore your help!


St. Jude you are the worker of miracles and we beg for your help! My daughter’s boyfriend has broken her heart again. He seems to have little sense of commitment and makes promises about spending time together and isn’t keeping them. My daughter feels she truly loves him and I’ve always thought he loved her too. They have tried to make it through complications of his family, his ex,and general growing and new relationship problems. They need your guidance, Lord. Make a place in their hearts for each other. Help them to treat each other kindly and not break each other’s hearts. Help them always to pray and thank you, and adore you. Please don’t let other women try to break them up anymore. Please help him not to lie to her or quit talking to her. Help him to realize she is the only one for him. We ask this in Jesus name! AMEN and AMEN

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