Wash away all past sins and words that I may have said, Lord God

by Gloria (Houston,TX)

Dear Heavenly Father,

I humble myself as I come to you in the name of Jesus. I first ask for your forgiveness of all the sins knowing and unknowingly that I may have committed. Forgive me for any words or deeds that I have said or done to hurt any of children, grandchildren and family members.

Wash away all past sins and words that I may have said or done to curse my children. Cut away from the root any family curses or heredity curses that may have fallen on me or my children, my grandchildren and all family members and all family members to come.

I beseech you to wash away all sins from me and my generations as far back to Adam and Eve. Take any iniquity, anger, unforgiving spirits strife and bitterness that we may have toward one another. Give us a new beginning and fill us with your Holy Spirit. Let no harm, illness or poverty come upon us. Let no tragedy become a cause for us to unite and cause us to become close.

Let your lite of divine love shine upon us. Shower us with your protection and guidance. Let no man or situation influence us to have division among us. Bring peace and harmony in my household and among my family. Let there be love and affection for one another. Let us see and feel the loving bond and strength we have as we support each other. Take away all jealous and strife. Let us come together as a happy family. Bless us with a close relationship with you dear God. I pray that we cleve unto you and have a hunger to please you by doing all the things you teach and request us to do in your words from the bible.

Bless us with great health, great wealth and success from this generation and all those to come. Let us become blessing to many as we bless those who are in need. Let no proverb or shame come upon our family. Keep us safe and protected Fromm all evil and demonic influences that is assigned to our lives. Break all harmful ties from relationships, associations, organizations or anything that does not line up with your will you have plan for our destiny.

Dear God I pray for a speedy respond because satan is always around us lurking and waiting for weak moments to influence us to do things not pleasing to you. Give us the strength to have discerning spirits to see evilness when we are being tricked by the enemy. Let an alarm go off in our minds to stay away from his tactics. Bless us …keep us safe and help us to love each other more from this day forward. Let our love become so strong that the enemy must flee in Jesus name I pray Amen.

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