Was this a DEMON?

by Gabriel ()

True God in the name of the true Jesus Christ, we have a question to ask you. Why have NOT THE SELF PROCLAIMED POLITICALLY and MORALY CORRECT PEOPLE OF AMERICA NOT THROWN DOWN and gotten rid of permanently THE OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE STATUE MADE OF BRONZE here in Santa Fe NM USA that stands right next to the OLD Guadalupe church which is right next to the new Our Lady of Guadlupe Church by those people? It was INDIGINOUS PEOPLES DAY THIS MONDAY. They threw down an obolisk that came into being as a result of the OUR LADY OF GUADALUPES preventing the Indiginous People from killing ALL THE INVADERS.

On December 9, 1531, in Mexico, Our Lady(VIRGIN MARY(possible demon one of many the Aztecs worshipped)) appeared to Juan Diego, a poor humble Aztec Indian who had recently converted to the Catholic faith.This appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe was very important to the history of our continent. You see, the Aztec Indians and the Spaniards were on the brink of war. The Aztec Indians’ culture and religion were very different from the Spaniards. They worshipped gods, to whom they would offer human sacrifices, often killing 50,000 people a year. The Spaniards, who were Catholic, were
naturally disgusted by this. If a war had occurred, it would have been very brutal and the Spaniards and Christianity would have been totally wiped out.
Mary’s appearance changed everything. The tilma is still intact after 470 years in MEXICO CITY. The colors have not faded and the cloth has not deteriorated. It has been on display in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe for all this time.The manner in which Our Lady appeared on the tilma was very significant to the Aztec Indians. God had her dressed in a way that they would understand who she was. She was dressed in royal
clothes that showed that she was very important, perhaps a queen. She also had the symbol of the cross at her neck which was the same symbol the Spaniards had on their ships and in the churches they built. She had a sash tied around her waist which meant that she was with child, for this was the way the Aztec women dressed
when they were pregnant. And on her beautiful dress were all sorts of designs and flowers. But there was one flower on her dress that was very significant. It had only four petals. To the Aztecs, the four petal flower was the symbol for the true God, the God above
all gods. This flower was located on her abdomen, right over the place where Jesus was growing inside of her. The Aztecs immediately understood that this was the mother of the true God and a GODDESS HERSELF! So when the indigineous peoples of the americas do all this Statue, and monument destruction, they Native Americans need to understand that it was THEIR DEITY that appeared on that cloth that TRICKED them into handing over the AMERICAS to the SPANIARDS, and converting to Catholisism. So if they should be destroying any obolisks or anything it should be of their OWN FEMALE DEITY any where in the americas and globally.

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