war with my mind

by Kunal (College Park, MD, USA)

I have a problem, i say everything i think of. even when i know its not right, i just say it because there is a thought in my mind.

i end up hurting people or messing up relationships in this way
and these thoughts are negative 99.9% of the time
and afer i am done saying all the things to the person, i start recalling all the things ive said, and think to my self i shouldnt have said this.
and befor meeting the person or talkin on the phone with them i make up my mind i wouldnt say it …. but then they say somting and then i releases all the thoughts in my head for like a half hour…… and even if the things i think are true i want to accpect it adjust to it and move on …….. not sit there and try to fix it. i feel so terrible after im done talkin every single time

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