want reconciliation with my boyfriend back

by Ree (Caribbean)

Dear jesus I call upon your name to please hear me, help me and answer me. I have known my x boyfriend about 15 years now and we were in a relationship for only one year and before christmas we broke up. Its three months and we text eachother but jesus I ask you to bless our union and please may it lead back in to a relationship that would lead to marriage. Ever since the day I met him something deep in my heart told me he is the one for me, he is my soulmate, even now we are broken up I still feel he is, jesus I ask you to please if he is not the one, may you please bring forth the one guy that I have to spend the rest of my life with, I am 29 years and I am ready for stability, like a husband and kids, please I ask you to have mercy upon me and answer my prayer. I would really like the guy to see that we do belong together by this month please, amen.

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