Walking into our season

by K.J. (Chicago, Illinois, United States)


Almighty God, merciful Gad, omnipotent God. Thank you for allowing me to see another day for without that wouldn’t be possible. Thank you for all of the blessing you have bestowed upon me in my hours of need and in my daily life. Forgive me for my sins Lord for I am weak. I try to do the right thing although sometimes i fall short. i am not a sinner Lord but I do make mistakes. Bless my friends and family Lord. Those who know you and those who have yet to meet you. Cover them in your blood and annoint them. Bless their comings and goings. Watch over my church and lead my pastor and his family. Lord i come to you today to ask you not only for my job situation but for Antonios as well .He is a good and honest man of God. He has intorduced me to you in a knew way and I know he has only been put into my life becuase you see it fit. Lord bless him with the opportuninties he desereves. Lord help him and give him thee words he needs to impress the people in his interview. When they look at him let it be you they see. When he opens his mouth let it be Your words they hear. Let your light shine through him so that they can see he is the perfect man for this position. I pray also for my own job situation. Allow them to see i am your child and I am the perfect candidate for that job. Lord I do not though come for myself. I come in representaiton of Antonio. I love him Lord and I pray that he receives the blessings you have for him. That he is waiting with open arms and an open heart to receive from you. I pray that his heart remains pure and that his feet always follow your path. For you are the one true God who sits high and looks low. For you are the Father, the creator. Lord you are everything. Bless us with traveling Grace and arriving mercy that when I leave you today I know that I am loved by you kept by you and sustained by you. I the might name of Jesus I pray AMEN.