Walk Again

by Noel Alvite (Manila Philippines)

It was on 1961 when I was merely 3 months old, I got stricken with polio virus, I was the first born child of my parents.

Being a mother who loves her son so much, seeing me in agony in pain while sitting down nothing but to lie down to ease the pain, it was a very painful scene for my mother.

i was lying in a public hospital, my mother did not know what would happen to me, would I be crippled the whole of my life? The virus that time was really an epidemic, 95% of the victims were hopeless walking normally and back to their normal life.

My mother started devoting herself to St. Jude especially on Thursdays, she would attend mass and pray the novena near Malacanang Palace in Manila,

Asking for help to have me survived and be cured of my illness, tirelessly she was doing it for 9 weeks.

One day when she came to the hospital, still I remember it up to now,
she saw me standing up on the bed holding on to the curtain that divides each bed in the public hospital, with nobody with me, I was miraculously walking.

Even the doctor was surprised seeing me walking normally, eventhough my right leg became smaller than my left leg i could walk and ran normally.

My mother was crying seeing me smiling and she brought me to the Parish of St. Jude to thank Him for the miracle He did to me.

I am now 53 years old I am grateful with St, Jude the patron of hopeless case and of things almost despaired of.


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