Waking up to a nightmare! Jesus, I worked so hard to get my life back together

by Adriana (Trenton,NJ)

Dear Jesus,

I worked so hard to get my life back together, and the last thing I need is for the enemy to take it all away. I love you Lord, I don’t want to live in the same predicament for the rest of my life. Please protect me from failure and loss of family and career.Only you can heal my mind. Please Lord, I claim mercy and goodness for the rest of my days on earth only to bless those who seem to curse what I do. I want to be a good help in this world especially to this family, God help me to stand firm on your word and never be dismayed by the work of the enemy.Oh God you have said in Jeremiah 29:11 ” For I know I have the plans not to harm you but to give you a hope and future and an abundant life.”
God I trust in that for my life. It has been so humiliating to be your daughter because either I did the wrong things or people just assume I’m doing the wrong things because of endless accusations on my life. I don’t want to suffer the way my mom did on this earth. Please change that thinking of the way people think on my life. It’s just that people have the wrong impression on me and they don’t really know me they just assume and place curses on my life every time they see me. People have been sort of jealous of me growing up, and they think I should suffer the way my mom suffered. I don’t believe that that’s the plan for my life. I don’t believe that you want only bad things happen to my life. I want a steady relationship when it comes to you. No more pain.I just want peace and love as I do my part to serve you!