Waiting for God to Answer Prayer

by Kembert (Barbados)

Almighty God we come at this time in Thanksgiving, Praise and Preayer . We thank you Lord for your past Blessings we praise and magnify your name and all of your heavenly host. As we come to you again dear Lord God you know our needs and we look to you to help us meet our working and financial commitments, Dear Lord you know the many people who are looking to me for help, please Lord help me not to dissipoint them much longer but please come to my assistance so that they can be happy.

Please Bless me with this request dear Lord God in the name of your son Jesus Christ I pray asking your forgiveness where and when I have gone wrong.

Father Jesus please help those who cry out to you for help you know dear Lord that you are the only one who can help please dear Lord God hear, help and Bless them and us as we call in the name of Jesus Christ and all of your Heavenly host. Dear Lord please come to us quickly as we wait upon your help .

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