Victory for Harmonee n her Momma

by Nicole ()

Last Summer 2021 I heard the Lord tell me to get my house in order. My oldest son who is 27, Matthew Jr. Was going down the wrong road he was addicted fentanyl they didn’t get around the wrong people I saw death coming. I was making good money as the security guard. But my watch was the graveyard and so I could be home to protect my house. Living single mother of five my youngest is 9 years old her name is Harmonee (Harmony). I know I had to move I just went through a divorce and it was not safe for me or my oldest son threats were made from my former husband about the lives of my son and his dog and myself. Early July 2021 my former husband was let out of jail and late August 2021 my son’s dog died she was healthy and very loved and while taking care of. It was then that I knew I had to move and quickly. So I told my supervisor to find my replacement when I got home and started packing the three bedroom condo let me and my four children lived in my other child lived with his father. To spare Harmonee the grief of moving during summer vacation, I asked her father if he would talk to his mother (because he lives with her) about taking Harmonee a couple more days during the summer… He’s not such a great father. He’s only court ordered 3 days out of the month to have her. He depends on his mother to take care of him… The two of them have agreed to say that he is mentally disabled really it’s addiction that runs his life. I was married to him for nearly 6 years I know all about it. She isn’t able to him to live a life that requires him depending on her this was a huge problem in our marriage. The two of them agreed to take Harmony a few more days during the summer or at least until I found a new place to rent. The summer turned into fall August it was time to enroll Harmony in school. Her grandma offered her address to use. I was clear with my answer that if I had decided to use her address it would only be until I found a new place for us to rent and then Harmony would be transferred. She had no problems with it until that time came and then she turned around and filed court papers on me seeking full custody of my child. She has brought so much scrutiny to my life and feels like it’s a blessing to her that the court has agreed to have Harmonee with her Monday through Friday. Harmony has been exposed to porn from her father, verbal altercations between her grandma and her father (her father gets very aggressive and destroys the area around him when he does become angry). Harmony is not supervised has ordered by the court when in her father’s care. He is mentally disabled and the court has been made aware that he is not in a position to care for a child yet the court still allows his mother to have Harmonee. It is about to my attention that is Mother and the Magistrate overseeing our case know each other I do not have legal representation as I left my job to tend to my home I’ve been in at lease for almost a whole year, next month will make one year n the court still will not see that I am perfectly capable of taking care of my child. At this time the only child I have in my care is Harmonee. The older three have moved out of my home. The court is being very partial towards me and will not hold my former husband or his mother accountable to anything that is not in the best interest of my child. Her grandmother has requested that the court allow her to stop the process that she started she’s no longer interested in having Harmony full-time as it is causing a great strain on her home marriage and work. However the magistrate told her she’s not going to be allowed to give up. I need help my child does not want to be there she’s constantly saying that she wants to come home with me and no one is listening. I know that was long but I just didn’t know how to sit in a short way. In a matter of 6 months I went from being responsible for caring for four of my children to none of my children, I lost so much all of my property in a storage after being two days late on the payment, my vehicle broke down beyond my ability to repair it due to being unemployed.

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