Victory for Christ’s Church

by Lightforth ()

Hi please pray for Jamie and I (chris)
Please pray that we continue to go towards our common goal with God, we pray for a United Church and and obedient repentuve heart that the captives be set free and God use us all to bring victory for the head and body of Christ. I pray that we are all well rooted and grounded in God’s Love, Truth, and Grace and that we are separated from evil with all God’s blessings on the side of the righteous. That we would be lover of hearing and doing God’s Holy Word! Please pray we have clarity to in Jesus name I pray Amen! Love you all so much and thank you for the prayers very much as well God bless you and keep you and forever may His Favour be upon you in Christ Jesus name Amen also I am calling a fast. Until the 29th of September or until we see Christ Jesus return. I had a vision I was refining our chains that remained to gold with the help of God’s people and God came when is was time He put new crystal clear chains on us and we were raptured out of out gold chains and the Chosen didn’t just return to Heave. The message said that the Chosen would return to Heaven then return to Earth with our new heavenly bodies. I also pray especially for the Kingdon of Heaven and Zion would be expanded in my home country where I was raised were my post from God is. And that it expands through our shared country my friends and the rest of our nation’s around the world. Oh Christ Jesus we cry out and we pray in Your Mighty name these things in Jesus Amen.

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