Very very urgent prayer against spiritual attacks and evil beings

by Bola ()

Hello, I have sent a prayer request before. This is very very urgent. I have almost been killed before. Not by anything physical but by spiritual things. This is the first time I will be talking to anyone about what I went through spiritually that should never happen. I am being attacked almost every second. People here me some times talking to myself shouting for people to leave me alone. Shouting at something attacking me from another place/plane. I am seeing things I should not be seeing. Hearing things. Getting attacked by all kinds of people, bad people like Hindu gods, goddesses that are not good at all, demons, the devil, things that should not be attacking human beings, angels pretending to be good. You can take my word for it. Some are not good. Maybe your Archangel Michael is not good. I know he is not good. Things were so bad when I was in Canada that I heard a voice in my head when I was not feeling well spiritually. I was sitting on my chair when a voice said to me. “Angel of the Lord, the spirit is condescending, you have been judged to be the highest and the most anointed angel on earth”. Well, I know things are not for me spiritually. Someone is attacking e. It might be a very bad angel who is opposed to me being in a foreign country. It might be a pagan god called Shiva. He is not good at all. He has evil energy and he tries to use it to attack me. His son Ganesh is even worse. From what I can tell. He does not care about anything apart from making fun of other people. I never wanted him around. The goddess Kwan is not good. Evil, racist. Jesus and Mary, well, not nice in person. That is all i can say. Jesus has a lot to talk to his Lord. Melchizedek is not good at all. I keep hearing the name Melchizedek but i do not think that he is helping. Angel Barachiel is not a nice guardian angel, very bad and evil. I pray that all these people would gone forever from my life so that i can live the peaceful life that i deserve. I pray that any evil contract will never be signed against my name in the holy lords name. Amen, may it be so. I pray that every bad spiritual things going on around me would be stopped in the holy lords name. Amen. Please pray deeply for me. I cannot live a normal life anymore because of these attacks because i am being attacked every few minutes. I pray that they would stop and my spiritual sightings ad hearings would be gone.

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