vehicle problems

by Jessica (Parkersburg, Wv, USA)

Hi my name is Jessica im 27 years old and due to have my baby any day now. my husbands and I’s mini van has decided to start overheating. it has everyone stumped as to what is wrong with it. We lose all heat and everything when it does what it does. Im asking God to please put a healing hand on the mini van so that we have this for the baby. Please Lord help us im begging you now and putting all my trust in you. Please help heal and fix our mini van.. amen

PS we dont have the money to fix it at a dealership, that is also another reason im putting all faith in God to help us. I know he will and I know that he has heard my prayer. also please pray for my encouragement self as im loosing faith in my self to keep the faith in the van thank you

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