Vanish the fights, problems, misunderstandings

by K.Prathiba ()

Dear Lord Jesus Christ please give us peace of mind, happiness, wealth, prosperity,good health,good thoughts, courage, wisdom, knowledge, fortune life.Holy father please take us away from problems, confusion, depression, stress, worries.Almighty God please give us miracles in our love life.Mercy God please give unity, peace and happiness in our family.Dear God please make us to feel happy and peaceful in all good days.Lord Jesus Christ please forgive us if have done any mistakes.Lord please vanish the misunderstandings, fights, problems between me and my mother.Please create unity between me and my brother.Lord Jesus Christ please make me and my fiance Mukesh Kumar to join in our love life in whatsup communication.Holy father please make my brother’s rites and ceremonies a grand function.Almighty God give us outer beauty,inner beauty, justice, affection, tenderness,love,care,good thoughts,good deeds, prosperity.Holy father please fulfil our desires, thoughts, aims and goals.Almighty God we have the self Respect and respect.Please lord hear my words and please save me.Mercy God you know that we are aiming for a govt bank job.Lord Jesus Christ we thank you so much for giving this pride months.Please protect us from Fear,danger situations. God we thank you so much for the answered prayers.Lord Jesus Christ please heal our wounds.Holy father we trust you to the core.Please lord don’t break our trust.We love you Lord Jesus Christ.Amen

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